2016 Endorsements

The Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC) endorses candidates that reflect the conservative values which our organization strives to promote.

  • 3rd District, U.S. House, Diane Harris (write-in)
  • 10th District, U.S. House, Joe Kopsick (write-in)
  • 11th District, U.S. House, Tonia Khouri
  • 17th Distirct, U.S. House, Patrick Harlan
  • 22nd State Senate District, Tracy Smodilla
  • 31st State Senate District, Mike Amrozowicz
  • 43rd State House District, Rich Evans (write-in)
  • 44th State House District, Katy Dolan-Baumer
  • 62nd State House District, Rod Drobinski
  • 72nd State House District, Brandi McGuire

If you would like to help the ICRC support conservative candidates please send your donation to:

Illinois Center Right Coalition
PO BOX 586
LAKE VILLA IL 60046-0586


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