About the ICRC

The Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC) is a political think tank that endorses, promotes, and recruits political candidates. The ICRC is pro-life, fiscally conservative, and an advocate for peace, freedom, and a limited constitutional Government.

The ICRC was founded on January 26, 2003.  The ICRC founders envisioned working with a multitude of conservative groups (anti-tax groups, constitutionalists, pro-liberty groups, pro-life groups, pro-gun groups) with the goal of increasing cooperation and planning in order to help conservatives win elections at every level of government.


  • James C. Mitchell, Chairman
  • Colin M. McGroarty, Vice-Chairman
  • William Leubscher, Secretary
  • Rich Evans, Treasurer

Steering Committee:

  • Liz Eilers Bron
  • Chad Koppie
  • Michael O’Toole

Previous Steering Committee Members:

Jesus Alaniz, Gary Lee Bernstein, Phil Collins, John Cox, Gary Dunlap, Timothy Goodcase, Diane Harris, Norm Hill, James T. Marter, David McAloon, Pat O’Malley, Joe Morris, Jim Oberweis, Frank Napolitano, Mike Psak, Carl Segvich, Jason Soseman, Don Vance, and Jon Zahm.


Illinois Center Right Coalition
PO BOX 586
LAKE VILLA IL 60046-0586