ICRC Platform

The Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC) consists of a broad alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to: the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, the rule of law, free markets, and the centrality of faith and family in American life.  The ICRC seeks to advance these principles through the development of sound public policy.  The ICRC is:

Pro-Freedom:  We support the maximum scope of individual liberty, limited only by respect for the individual liberty of others.  We believe that all individuals have equal rights and are equal before the law.  We believe rights are inalienable and that the proper role of government is as the protector, not the source, of our rights.

Pro-Constitution:  We support the rule of law and strict construction of the Federal and Illinois Constitutions as bulwarks against tyranny and excessive government.  We support the American principle of federalism, seeking the maximum proper devolution of power from the Federal government to the States, from the State to local government, and from all governments to the people.

Pro-Faith: We support freedom of conscience, defend the free exercise of religion, believe that religion has a proper role in the American public square, oppose governmental hostility toward religion, and call upon government to maintain a posture of benign neutrality toward all faiths.

Pro-Family:  We support the nuclear family as the essential building-block of a free and humane society.

Pro-Life:  We support the defense of every innocent human life as sacred, from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.

Pro Free-Market:  We support the free enterprise system, based on private property, the profit motive, and competition, as both the most moral and the most efficient economic system yet devised.

Pro-Opportunity:  We support the building of a society that accords every citizen equal opportunity and opens access to all the blessings of a free country and a free-market economy.

Pro-School Choice:  We support fundamental reform of education in Illinois, based on principles of competition and parental control, and advocate the implementation of school choice plans on a statewide basis.

Pro-Taxpayer:  We support the reduction of income tax rates, the elimination of death taxes, the repeal of marriage penalties, the elimination of double taxation of dividends, and the general simplification of all tax systems.  We oppose all efforts to raises taxes at all levels: Federal, State, and local.  We advocate reform of government at all levels to reduce its size and increase its efficiency.

Pro-Second Amendment:  We support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, and we oppose all efforts to restrict those rights or to impose excessive fees, taxes, and restrictions on the sale, purchase, carrying, and use of firearms.

Pro-Environment:  We support a clean and healthy environment and the conservation of natural resources, and believe that free-market means for the achievement of these ends are morally superior to, and more effective than, government commands.

Pro-Citizenship:  We support the vision of America as a land of hope and opportunity to which freedom-loving people of all races and religions are drawn.  We welcome new citizens who obey our laws.  We advocate the protection of our borders against those who have contempt for our laws.  We see the office of citizen as the highest office in our land, and we urge all Americans to exercise and discharge, to the fullest, the rights and duties of American citizenship.

Pro-Culture:  We support the flowering of all arts and sciences, and oppose governmental control of culture, whether through censorship or subsidization.  We believe that Western Civilization is a precious legacy to which each individual is encouraged to contribute, and that each generation is entrusted to transmit to its successors.

Pro-America:  We support the United States of America and its constitutional system as humanity’s last best hope, and we advocate the development and maintenance of a strong national defense capable of protecting America against all threats, including hostile foreign states and terrorism.